7 Strategies to Boost eCommerce Sales With Little Effort

Boost eCommerce Sales

The eCommerce sector is expanding rapidly. During the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers’ preferences changed and shopping online became more convenient. Today, 56.6% of customers in the United States prefer online purchasing to in-store shopping. That’s a huge potential customer pool to tap into. But at the same time, there are around 2.5 million eCommerce businesses in the United States, making it challenging to stand out and win more sales. 

And winning more sales is essential to the future of your business, no matter if it is an Amazon business or your own eCommerce site. For instance, if you ever want to sell an Amazon business, showing potential buyers that your sales keep going up will reassure them and make them more likely to buy it. 

Luckily, there are a few effective strategies you can use today to boost eCommerce sales with little effort.

Offer Free Shipping  

An estimated 66% of consumers expect free shipping on all online orders. So, if you are able to live up to their expectations, customers will be more likely to buy from you over other brands. 

Alternatively, you might provide free shipping only on items with the highest profit margins or only when the purchase price is at least $50. That way you can assure that your shipping expenses are reimbursed. Another option is to limit free delivery to members of your loyalty program since return customers are more likely to make additional purchases from your store, lowering your cost per new client.

Offer Money-Back Guarantees

Sales are essential to every business’s success. More sales translate into more profits. And should you decide to sell your eCommerce business down the road, you’ll be able to make a greater return on investment. 

So, to convert more leads into sales, consider providing money-back guarantees on specific products. Customers who shop online run the danger of not being able to experience or test the product before making a purchase. Providing a money-back guarantee can help lower the perceived risk. It demonstrates your company’s belief in the worth of your products, fostering client trust. As a result, customers feel safer, which encourages them to purchase more of your products.

Showcase Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Displaying reviews and ratings for your products is a surefire way to increase lead conversion rates and increase online sales. It enhances client interest in your company and gives it a more credible appearance to potential buyers. Customer reviews serve as social proof that motivates clients to interact with your brand. They are also helpful for SEO.

Place your reviews and testimonials strategically to increase their visibility to potential customers. Usually, the product page is the perfect place to display them. 

Highlight the Best-Selling Items

Similar to reviews and testimonials, the top-selling position serves as social evidence to increase the level of trust that potential buyers have in your items. It could persuade a potential buyer who isn’t sure whether to buy to put the item in their cart and place the order.

Use an eye-catching badge to label your best-selling items to attract the attention of potential customers and increase sales. You can also draw in visitors who arrive at your website with little or no intention of making a purchase by creating a section on your homepage that features all of your best-selling products.

Leverage Scarcity Strategies

Creating urgency and scarcity can help you boost eCommerce sales. It’s simple: consumers place a higher value on goods that are part of limited editions or on a flash sale because they fear they will miss out, causing them to purchase these products before they sell out.

Having said that, make sure to prepare your strategy carefully and employ it sparingly. If you often use urgency and scarcity marketing, you risk being exposed as being untruthful and uncaring, which could damage your brand’s reputation and customer confidence.

Use Upselling

Upsells are an easy way to boost sales by maximizing the value of your existing clients. In fact, if you don’t use the upselling strategy, you might be losing out on a lot of money. Upsells and renewals account for 70–95% of the revenue generated by eCommerce stores. Additionally, selling to existing clients is five times simpler than trying to draw in new ones. 

The best news is, upselling is easy to implement. Simply insert pop-ups to present your visitors with an improved, more expensive item or a related item when they add an item to their cart. 

Create Email List 

A powerful email marketing strategy can accelerate your company’s growth and accomplish your objectives. First, create an email list, which might include past customers, present customers, and prospects. Then create an email template that will serve as the foundation for all future communications.  

Finally, draft the email for your marketing campaign. The secret to drafting an effective email is to make it brief, relatable, and personal. This will make sure that it stands out from other emails in your audience’s inboxes and is not deleted.

Boost eCommerce Sales

Final Thoughts

With the expansion of new eCommerce businesses, making an impact on the market and increasing sales has become more challenging. But with the top tips listed above, you should be able to significantly boost your conversions and record more sales. While each of these strategies works well on its own, they can be rocket fuel for your eCommerce success when combined.

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