Saving Energy: Helping Your Bank Account and the Planet

Saving Energy

The past few years have seen unprecedented instability in the energy market. The main concerns have been about gas supply, but with increasing rates of natural disasters, there has been a knock-on effect on other energy sources, including electricity. Costs are spiraling.

Other factors like the economic impact of the pandemic and climate change also play a part. Higher energy prices are impacting the world over. So, what steps can you take to minimize your electricity cost and save your money and the planet at the same time?

Solar Generation

You can learn a thing or two from people living off-grid. While some off-grid choices might be temporary, like a camping trip or expedition, this is a permanent lifestyle for others.

Living off-grid comes with challenges for power supply. Most people are aware of solar generation – harnessing the sun’s power β€” but fitting solar panels to your home is not always a quick solution. Plus, they can be expensive, and grants are not always available.

While some people perceive a portable power station as a backup for an emergency power outage, many consumers are increasingly turning to these devices. They can usefully reduce reliance on conventionally generated power in a typical domestic home.

Portable power stations have quick charge times and can power 99% of appliances. You can combine them with portable solar panels to recharge them for zero cost and enjoy portions of your day when you are not using the grid for power.

Switch the Lights Off! And Other Small Changes

Energy bills are on the rise, influenced by global factors, which may not mean homeowners experience the usual seasonal dip in costs during the warmer months.

We are so used to electronic goods and tech in our homes, which has significantly increased household energy usage compared to thirty or forty years ago.

It sounds old-fashioned, but it isn’t costing you anything if it’s not plugged in when not in use. Work room by room and unplug everything before going to bed at night. In this 24/7 digital age, we have all become lazy about the off button on tech.

Limit the use of the washing machine and tumble dryer. Invest in air drying alternatives. Take baths instead of showers or have shorter showers β€” five minutes or less. If you really can’t face that, then fit a low-flow head to the shower unit and enjoy an extra five minutes.

There are loads ofΒ quick tips to save energy online, plus suggestions about more significant ways you can alter your home on a structural basis to save costs.

Making your home as thermally efficient as possible will increase its value and curb appeal when you go to market and lower your energy costs in the short term.


We are all used to the convenience of energy on demand, but with rising costs, we are going to have to pay for it, and that’s before you stop and consider all the environmental issues.

Simple lifestyle changes and just being aware of how much power you use can make a dent in those utility bills.

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