Knocking Down Predators with Brass Knuckles

Brass Knuckles
Brass Knuckles

In this day and age, it is imperative to protect yourself and be on your guard. But everyone does not like handling high-tech gadgets like guns. Other tools provide protection and are still easy to use, like brass knuckles.

Brass knuckles were invented as early as the 12 Century and were used by Indian Sikhs in hand-to-hand combat. It was called the Sher Panja, meaning Lion Claw. They were later on recreated for fighting during the American Civil War for soldiers. Brass knuckles have come to be modernized and are used to this day. You can find real Brass Knuckles for sale all across the U.S., and their use has significantly diversified as well.

Are Brass Knuckles Only Made Of Brass?

The origin story of the knuckle duster, famously known as the brass knuckles, features this one metal. But brass was the most commonly mined and used metal, not the only one. Nowadays, you can find plastic brass knuckles made from high-quality fiber and the usual iron and copper.

Miscellaneous Functions – What Are Brass Knuckles Used For?

  • The most common use is, of course, fighting. People who are into fist-fighting or are in the military still carry fighting brass knuckles.
  • Trainers and trainees in boxing also use them to protect their fingers and perfect boxing techniques.
  • Knuckles are quite useful in emergencies like breaking glass and ice and getting out of claustrophobic spaces.
  • In self-defense, a quick punch with a brass knuckle can cause severe muscle disruption to the recipient. If you know how to use a knuckle properly, you can do some real damage to your perp and escape safely.
  • As of late, brass knuckles have also been used as decorations. The authentic knuckles are made of heavy metals like brass, iron, and copper, and used as paperweights.
  • The biker culture in the U.S. heavily features brass knuckles as an accessory. They have also slowly seeped into the fashion industry, where they’re worn as jewelry and accessories.
  • Knuckles are also a popular hood ornament used to decorated car hoods.

Sounds Dangerous – Are Brass Knuckles Illegal?

Knuckles might seem like a simple contraption, but they are nothing to be taken lightly. It is possible to hurt your fingers while using them as well.

  • In the U.S., brass knuckles qualify as illegal weapons in some states like Colorado, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island.
  • There are some districts like Columbia that have also illegalized brass knuckles as lethal weapons.
  • Each state law varies regarding the use of brass knuckles, but they are legally sold in common weapons and belt-buckle stores.
  • It is illegal to use a brass knuckle publicly or possess it in states like California. So you have to be careful when using it, even for self-defense.
  • Ownership and sale of knuckles are legal, so many people still like to collect them as novelty weapons.

Finding the Right Knucks – Where Can I Buy Brass Knuckles?

Knuckles are a standard weapon and accessory in the U.S. Despite the stringent laws around it; many people do like to possess them and use them for various things.

You can find brass knuckles for sale in local stores that sell belts or non-lethal weapons. The best source for getting high-quality knuckles is online, especially if you’re a collector. You are more likely to get better quality and a wider variety of online stores. There are many funky designs of brass knuckles online that local stores don’t have.

PA Knives – Online Store for Best Brass Knuckles

If you’re a knuckle enthusiast, you will surely find the online collection at PA Knives exciting. There is quite a lot of variety of real brass knuckles that are ideal for self-defense as well as novelty collection. Here are some selected, top-selling pieces that might interest you:

For Self Defense

  • Purplicious Cat Face Evil Mini Knuckle – this knuckle is specially designed for women. It is lightweight and easy to wear on your finger as jewelry. The pointed cat ear ends are meant to be used as the weapon in self-defense. This mini knuckle is easy to carry and can potentially save your life.
  • Ammo Knuckle Bullet Knife – this sneaky little belt buckle is a full-on self-defense stealth weapon. Not only is it wearable, but it’s also equipped with a small hidden blade in the bullet design in the palm brace. Each finger-ring has a little bullet relief on it that looks decorative but can also cause real pain when punched.

For Collection and Normal Use

  • 100 % Real Genuine Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener – any handy tool that looks good is a plus point. This knuckle comes with a uniquely designed, in-built bottle opener that can be carried on trips or used at home.
  • Out of the Flames Retribution Stare Knuckle Gold – if you’re into ornamental accessories, this knuckle is the jackpot. The stark gold, robust design features the famous skull coming out of flames and motorcycle handles. This knuckle is every biker’s dream accessory.
  • Life or Death Bloodstain Knuckle Buckle Paperweight – Switching up from the shiny knuckles, this matte black knuckle has a red spatter design. It’s powerful to look at and useful for self-defense. It is also ideal as a dark decorative paperweight.

No matter your usage, if you want a cheap brass knuckle, you should check the collection at PA Knives. All the knuckles listed above are the cheap brass knuckles featured on their website for under $5 each.

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