What kind of IT Support is Right for Your Business?

IT Support

IT support is incredibly important for every business, but it also varies quite considerably. Whether you are a large, corporate enterprise, or a small start-up, your IT support should be well thought out and comprehensive. TechQuarters, a London IT Support Company, discussed with us some of the options businesses have for IT support.

If you are not able to build your own in-house IT department, then outsourced IT support is definitely your best option – perhaps even more cost-effective than having an in-house department, because you get a lot more expertise than you could hope to hire yourself, and you get it for a fraction of the cost of salaries for an entire IT department.

Determining the appropriate IT support for your business hinges on the complexity of your network and specific operational needs. For businesses in the bustling economic landscape of Australia’s premier city, opting for managed IT services Sydney offers a proactive approach, ensuring not only the resolution of IT issues as they arise but also strategic planning for future growth. This type of support provides a comprehensive solution, aligning with your business goals while offering the flexibility and expertise needed to adapt to evolving technological demands.

Full IT Support

Some businesses might not be able to hire a full IT department full time, due to budget constraints, in which case a Small Business IT Support plan would likely be the best choice for them. The purpose of this type of support is to offer all the advantages of an in-house department would.

This means, a business would get as many calls to the provider’s helpdesk that they want, and unlimited on-premise support – so if a business needs someone to come and look at their hardware infrastructure, they can request a callout from their IT partner, and an engineer will travel to their site to help them.

Remote IT Support

TechQuarters, as a reliable IT support provider, is capable of providing Remote IT Support to any business that wants it. The difference between Full IT Support and Remote IT Support is that it prioritizes delivering remote solutions.

For example, as much as 80% of IT issues can be handled remotely, with the use of remote control applications that enable engineers to troubleshoot customers’ computers remotely. Remote IT support will normally include the option for in-person support – for example if a business has an office, or if there are some VIP remote users that might require in-person support.

Cloud Support

Another plan in TechQuarters’ London IT Services is Cloud Support; this is aimed at supporting and managing exclusively Cloud-based apps and services that a business uses.

It is different to Remote IT Support in that it does not have any on-premise support features included; because it is primarily concerned with looking after Cloud apps and services (for example, Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure), there is no need for callouts. An IT support provider will be able to access and troubleshoot a customers’ Cloud apps remotely.

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