Follow This Guide to Sourcing Green Bean from the Right Supplier

Green Bean from the Right Supplier

It’s normal for you as a customer to have so many questions first before sourcing green beans from a green bean supplier Thailand. It’s also because you’re a novice in buying one. And, many choices are available on offer. The steps somehow in sourcing out seemed unclear and confusing.

Green Bean from the Right Supplier

That’s why we have this guide on how to source green beans from the right supplier.

Choose Between Robusta and Arabica

The very beginning will include knowing your options. The coffee consumption mainly came from two bean species of robusta and Arabica. The latter is so far classified as a dominant bean. It makes up around seventy-five percent of the global supply. This is also with robusta that remains as twenty-five percent.

Arabica is highly-favored for its uses and flavor. This superior bean is appreciated for its good taste of being sweeter and smoother. Now with Robusta, it’s less refined with a bitter and stronger taste. Nevertheless, it contains more caffeine than Arabica. It’s more likely preferred as a bean for espressos. This is since it brings about a better crema.

Decide If You Want for Commercial or Specialty

One more to help you in sourcing green beans from a green bean supplier is if you like commercial or specialty. The commercial green bean is referred to as the cheaper and mass-produced bean. This is mainly utilized by coffee brands or producers. As with the specialty green bean, it is referred to as a higher value of artisanal bean.

There usually is a grading in what is a specialty coffee and what is not. So many variables are considered regarding specialty coffee. This will also include the origin, the growing technique, the process, and the brewing or roasting method.

Choose Between the Direct Trade VS Fairtrade

One more thing to decide upon in sourcing green beans from a green bean supplier is between the direct trade and the fair-trade. Fair trade is a product produced under such a trading partnership. This also aims to achieve an even better equity in the international trade. This helps in achieving sustainable development offering better conditions in trading.

Now since a 3rd party is needed in certifying the farms, a fee is often charged for this certification. Another middleman is added to the chain and the barrier of entry to the certification of small farms. This is for those who cannot afford the fee.

In regard to direct trade, it’s when a roaster is buying directly from a farmer. All middlemen are eliminated in this case. This way, farmers will receive a huge part of the profit in the entire production process. Buyers will also trace better to the source. This will help in achieving sustainable development. This is since a roaster helps producers in growing as profits are being passed to them.

The fair-trade somehow needs to be certified by an independent body. Direct trade does not require a certification system. It also heavily depends on the specific policies of every supplier.

Choose the Right Green Bean for You

The next thing to keep in mind is the choice of the right green bean for you.

Know the preparation methods involved in providing green beans.

  • Know if there will be a continuous supply of green beans for the years to come.
  • Decide if you’re looking for a green bean to build your brand.
  • Look for a one-off supply of green beans for an event or a special promotion.

Always remember that a good green bean supplier is one that can guide you throughout the choices offered. So, follow this guide to source green beans from green bean supplier today!

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