Is Architect Business Good To Set Up In California?

Architect Business
Architect Business

If you’ve been an architect for a while and are thinking about starting your own business, then California is the place to be. A lucrative place for architects, you can secure both governmental and corporate contracts. With people regularly moving into the state, whether to find work or experience living in the state, California is ideal for architect businesses.

In the state of California, architect businesses are required to adhere to various rules and regulations. These are laid down by the local and state governments. Doing your research on these rules and regulations and ensuring that you abide by them will help you build your architect business.

Setting up an architect business in California

Architects looking for a state where they can find regular contracts and design both temporary and permanent constructions will find a home in California. Here is everything you should know about setting up an architect business in California:

1. Professional license

Before you can consider setting up an architect business in California, you’ll need to have your architect license ready. To own or set up your business in the state, an Architect License is necessary. Those without a license will not be able to secure relevant documents from the state regarding their business.

2. Business licenses

To start a business in California, especially in the form of an architecture firm or corporation, you’ll need to register with the Secretary of the State. You are also required to submit a Business Entity Report Form post-registration. This report form showcases the industry through which you’ll be offering your professional services.

That you’re setting up an architecture business will reflect in this form. For architects, this report form is handled by the California Architects Board. Depending on specific kinds of professional businesses offered by architecture firms, such as interior architecture, etc., you may need to apply for additional licenses pertaining to those specific field of services.

You will also need to be registered with the Department of Consumer Affairs – California Architects Board.

3. Setting up a corporation

As an architecture business, you can set up two kinds of corporations in California. The first of these is a Professional Corporation. If you choose to set up your business as a Professional Corporation, then you will need to comply with certain naming restrictions in the state. These are laid down under the Business and Professions Code Section 5610.3.

Alternatively, you can also choose to set up your business as a General Stock Corporation. In this case, there are no naming restrictions applicable for your architecture business under the board.

Both kinds of architecture business structures require a California Architecture Industry Licensing.

4. Finances and taxes

After registering your business under the state of California, you also need to sort out your business finances. Registering for taxes helps ensure that you’re aware of the tax obligations that could come your way.

You should also create a finance plan. In California, you can secure business loans and even look for investments. Before you can apply for these, however, you will need a business plan. Having a business plan in place gives you the additional benefit of laying down your vision and goals for your business.

As you’re creating your business and financial plans, you should also consider conducting market analysis. This helps you secure valuable information about the architecture industry in California. In your market analysis, you can consider looking at various aspects of the industry. These can include the market, the competition, the consumers, and any other areas you’re interested in.

Making data-driven informed decisions can help you build a scalable architecture business in California.

Aside from these, you’ll also need to consider making initial investments that’ll help you set up your business. These include rental costs, operational costs as well as the cost for any equipment you may need.

5. Finding contracts in California

Architecture businesses secure profit by creating designs for governments, commercial, and residents. Depending on the kind of architect business you run, you may be working exclusively with certain target markets. For architect businesses, the ideal customers are entities that offer repeated contracts.

Architect businesses usually secure profit margins of 15% or 20%. You can improve these figures, however, through more contracts and elevating charges over time. The ideal customers tend to be local and state governmental entities. In California, there are a plethora of such opportunities available for your architect business.

Before launching your architect business in California, having a marketing plan in place can help you immediately get your business off the ground. A website, as well as relevant social media business profiles, can help you reach out to potential customers.

When creating your market plan, you should isolate your target market. Choosing a location for your business close to your target market can help you find local customers as well. If you want to create designs for commercial properties, for example, then choosing an urban center close to various up-and-coming commercial properties is ideal.


An architect business has serious potential to thrive in California. After securing the relevant licenses to set up your business, you’ll be able to secure clients both online and offline. As an architect business, you can also consider getting business insurance. This will help you protect your business, and certain kinds of business may also be required. If you want to learn more about business insurance for architects, you can click here.

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