Affiliate Marketing Opportunities for Content Creators

Affiliate Marketing


As marketing shits online, online influencers and digital marketing companies are ripping big. Brands and products associate themselves with influencers to buy into their online following. However, this visibility must translate into sales, from which the influencers get a commission, otherwise known as affiliate marketing.

There are several opportunities online influencers and digital marketing companies use to promote brands and products. Each opportunity is distinctive, with a clear commission plan and target market. However, most opportunities have a call-to-action link that directs the audience to the client’s website, where they can buy the product or service.

Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Direct Affiliate Marketing

The influencers enter into a contractual agreement to market the seller’s products on their platforms. They create a link, which the buyer will use to get to the client’s platforms. In most cases, the platform is a website or a social media page where the client can sample the products or services. The online influencer gets a certain percentage of the revenue per sale from the amount generated.

Most e-commerce websites use this approach to reach out to potential clients. Potential affiliate marketers use the following process join.

  • Affiliate marketers express their interest by applying to the seller’s website.
  • They agree on the modalities and terms of service, and the seller issues a code or link that potential customers will use on the marketer’s platform.
  • The affiliate marketer promotes it on their platforms.
  • When a potential customer clicks on the link and purchases the product or service, the system records the transaction and calculates the marketer’s commission.
  • At the close of every accounting period, the seller calculates the total commissions and pays the affiliate marketer.

Content Development

Influencers can write an article detailing the goods and services offered. Interested persons or agencies can use platforms such as Go Transcript Affiliate Program, where they can learn everything to earn from their content. Besides the transcription business, the platform guides its customers on how to write or transcribe texts that capture the buyer’s attention. The content developer gets their commission for every click that converts into a sale.

With the advent of social media, there are various platforms where influencers can promote this content. From Facebook to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube, every influencer has their target market. The seller must research and find the similarities before committing to the agreement.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Commission

Recurring Commission

The seller pays the marketer every time a customer uses the link or code on their platform. The payment is continuous as long as customers use the link or code. Most subscription-based services use this approach. Some of the platforms that use this model include:-

  • Webflow – 50% on subscriptions to the referee for 12 months.
  • Transistor – 25% recurring as long as the customer is active.
  • Podia – 30% recurring for signed up and active customers.
  • Teachable – 30% recurring and 50% of the subscription cost.

One-time Commission

The seller pays the marketer a one-off payment for a one-time purchase. It mostly works for tangible goods sales. The following are goods and service providers using this system

  • Semrush – $200 per subscription
  • ShipBob – $25 on every paid quote.
  • Namecheap – between 20-50% for a paid subscription

How to Get Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

  1. Check if the seller has an affiliate program. Most software and e-commerce firms have affiliate programs. Sign up on the platform and provide all the required details.
  2. Affiliate platforms also list affiliate programs for other companies. Go through their listing and select the one you can promote. Some of these platforms include Rakuten, ClickBank, Impact and CJ Affiliate.
  3. Suggest a partnership with a company where you can act as their affiliate marketer. In such a case, you must show the unit economics and share the value of such partnerships. Essentially, the proof burden is on you, and if it works, you are in for a treat.

Affiliate marketing opportunities have moved the business front office online. Customers can shop and pay for goods from the comfort of their seats. It gives both the business and affiliate marketer endless opportunities, opening a new revenue stream for most online businesses.

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