4 benefits of being an event planner

event planner

Event planning is not always exciting and glamorous. A lot of hard work is done by a group of people to make an event a success, and there are many facets to it. That said, there are many benefits of being in this profession.

If you are planning for a career in event management, or considering to do higher studies, a Master’s may be useful for you. A Master’s in event management prepares students for a successful career in the event and entertainment industry with the right training.

Continue reading this article, to find out what are the main four benefits of being an event planner.

  1. Do a new job every few months and enjoy exclusive moments

Every event is a task in itself and managing one event to another is not very different from doing a new job each time. And the excitement of doing something new, something creative lives through each time.

If you are someone working for the event management industry chances are that your company organizes a variety of events at different locations. That also gives you the chance to travel to different places to do your job. Such travel usually takes people to really fancy and high-profile places at times and experience really exclusive and special things in life.

All this excitement while doing one’s job sounds very promising and happening. This is one of the biggest perks of being an event manager. As an event organizer you’ll also get to spend time at places where access could be difficult or expensive. Your event could be a TV show or even organizing a party or a wedding of some celebrity.

  1. Have access to exclusive dining and drinking

Another huge advantage of working as an event planner is that you will be exposed to exclusive and fine wines and dining menus. And such rare good food and drinks are not commonly seen in an everyday setting at one’s place of work.

  1. Meeting with different talent

Most event management work involves staying away at the venue or location. During all that time, a lot goes on behind the scenes. In fact, the event is the result of days of working behind as a team and getting things accomplished together. The nature of the work itself is very collaborative and requires excellent communication skills. A great bond develops as a result of such collaborative work done on an everyday basis.

The team grows together while arranging for an event and it enriches everyone’s experience together. You learn about the pleasures of team-effort, learn new skills together and also learn about what does not work and how things should be done. Together, you experience failure as well as the thrill of delivering events successfully. This pattern remains the same throughout your journey in this industry.

  1. Work with people from almost every industry

One of the most rewarding experiences of being an event manager is that you will get to meet and work with many different people and teams on different events that will bring you fresh perspectives and knowledge. You are also going to meet more talented people in this field of work than most others.

As an event organizer, you’ll have to know and work with people with different skill sets— starting from flower decorators, set designers, bartenders and mixologists, web developers or graphic designers, performers, media, food and catering, lights, etc. The list goes on.

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